Mount Bromo – How to get there

This article will guide you visiting Mt Bromo in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. There are 2 option if you go by air; from Jakarta to Surabaya Airport or to Malang Airport.

Which one is closer?

From Abdul Rachman Saleh Malang Airport

See below live – satellite maps (you can zoom in and drag the route). Mount Bromo  is only 55.3km away from Malang Airport.


From Juanda International Airport – SUB

See below live – satellite maps (you can zoom in and drag the route). Mount Bromo  is 119km away from Juanda Airport.

So it is closer to go from Malang Airport. Wanna change your ticket?

Order Tiket Online

You may then use taxi or travel service from those airports to Mount Bromo. There are lots of travel service; taxi, rent-car service or travel service which you can select. Mention us @GoProbolinggo for more information.

For those who like Train, there is no direct route from Jakarta to Probolinggo. You should go to Surabaya, then change train to Probolinggo. You can select the train and the time using our online Train Schedule at this official train ticketing.

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